Research Projects

Brain-Computer Interfaces & UX

The BCI lab uses real-time digital signal processing, machine learning, and cognitive neuroscience techinques to study the interface between humans and machines My goal was to apply HCI techniques to look at how UX impacts BCI performance.

Imapct Of Textual Content On Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding has beome popular in recent years. One challenge project creators have is understanding how different driving factors help campaigns to reach their funding goal. This research project investigates the role of language in crowdfunding campaigns. [paper]

Using Human Knowledge To Improve Computer Go

Opening moves are crucial in the game of Go. We extracted human knowledge from a database of professional games to build a book of strong opening moves. This paper presents experimental results on the effects of this database on the program's win percentage. [paper]

Development Projects

Computer Vision For Robots

Incorporating Computer Vision techniques with Robotics, this fun class project gave BAXTER (a robot made by Rethink Robotics), the ability to slam dunk a basketball [video] and sort colored balls into buckets [video]. For more information: [pdf].

Instagram Crawler

Simple Java program that works with the Instagram API to find connected hashags. [code]

Fortune Teller

A fun project inspired by the classic playground game MASH. [project]